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What safety distances do I need?

In all cases we will undertake a site survey and agree with the client the layout of the site and the safety distances.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the safety distances are guarded and maintained.

What about a Risk Assessment?

A site survey will be undertaken by us and a site specific risk assessment carried out.

We work closely with our clients and are available to attend planning meetings, site surveys and work with Safety Advisory Groups as required.

We will supply a copy of the site specific risk assessment in good time ahead of the firework display.

Where can I get more information about organising a firework display?

Reaction Fireworks have over 25 year’s experience of organising events and public firework displays and we would be happy to give you advice on the organisation of your firework display.

External advice can be found here:

HSE Guidance

HSE Booklet

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