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What is the best way to photograph fireworks?

There are many great guides online to photographing fireworks.  Click here for the top Google searches.

How do I become a member of your firing team?

Contact us for current vacancies.

Do you sell retail fireworks?

We don’t sell retail fireworks but we highly recommend either Dynamic FireworksEpic Fireworks or Fireworks Direct for all your retail needs!  Please mention Reaction Fireworks when ordering.

Do you sell sky lanterns?

No.  To be honest, we like the look of lanterns but they can be dangerous.  There are many reports of serious burns, danger to livestock and wild animals as well as often been mistaken as distress flares.

What type of fireworks do you use?

We only use category 4 fireworks for our displays.  These types of fireworks are not available to the general public but only professional firework companies.  The fireworks are much larger, louder and brighter than those which are bought in the shops.

When designing a show we use many different type of firework including aerial shells, barrages (cakes), roman candles, gerbs (fountains), bundles, combinations, single shot and mines.

I still have questions what should I do?

We love to talk fireworks!  Contact Us.

Can my firework display be themed?

Yes.  We can select different colours, effects and accompanying music to fit any theme.

Reaction Fireworks have an enviable reputation for choreographing music to fireworks and have a large inventory of colours and effects which means we can deliver the most creative themed firework displays imaginable.

Can you provide a firework display at very short notice?

Yes.  Our rapid reaction team have even provided firework displays the same day!

For example the office received a morning call requiring a £3,000 firework display for a fairground operator in Hartlepool, our team were happy to deliver and the display was a huge success.

How do I get quote or proposal?

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your display.  We will then provide a detailed quotation that includes the number of fireworks, the type and calibre of each firework and detailed description of each firework effect.

What about insurance?

We have £10million Public and Product Liability Insurance.

Our insurers are QBE and there contact details are:

QBE Europe

Plantation Place
30 Fenchurch Street
London EC3M 3BD
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 7105 4000
Fax: +44 (0)20 7105 4019

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